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Anti-theft engraving Recobike
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Anti-theft engraving Recobike

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Recobike offers bicycle owners the most effective anti-theft system on the market

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Anti-theft engraving Recobike
Alberabike is an approved partner of the patented RECOBIKE system:


To effectively combat theft of bikes Recobike offers bike owners the most effective anti-theft system on the market, thanks to a patented new generation marking.


Why protect your bike?


Theft of bicycles has been a phenomenon that has been growing rapidly in recent years. The latest IFRESI-CNRS-Altermodal study shows that 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in France.

Almost 40% are found because thieves often "just borrow" a two-wheeler. Unfortunately, only 2% is returned.

Why ? Simply because the police cannot identify the owners.


What the law says ?


In order to fight against theft, concealment and illegal resale of cycles, a unique national file of identified cycles is created which is subject to automated processing under the conditions provided for by law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data processing and liberties. The collection of data, their recording according to a secure procedure and their processing are entrusted to operators approved by the State which finances the  implementation.

As of January 1, 2021, new power-assisted cycles and cycles sold by a merchant are identified and as of July 1, 2021 for the sale of used cycles.


Recobike is a state-approved operator.


Recobike effectively protects your bike against theft


The only way to return a bike in the event of theft is to allow the owner to be identified. The Recobike anti-theft marking system guarantees permanent traceability thanks to a new patented process. The chances of recovering your property after a flight can thus exceed 40%.


How it works ?


The security of the property is ensured by its identification and its registration in the central Recobike file. When an identified bicycle is found after a theft, Recobike organizes its return.


The Recobike identification service consists of:

  • a patented anti-theft marking *
  • from a central file
  • a return service


The principle is very simple :


Your marking will be installed in just a few minutes thanks to an ultra-high performance resin injection process. This technique allows you to chemically weld the anti-theft marking on the frame of your bike.


Patented technology at three levels


1. The security insert


The latest generation marking incorporates a safety insert, in which the essential information for the return of the bicycle is encapsulated:

  • the unique bike identification number,
  • contact details for the Recobike anti-theft center (www.recobike.com).


2. Chemical welding


The marking is chemically welded to the bicycle frame using the high-performance resin injection process.

This technology offers inviolable and permanent protection. Once chemically welded, the anti-theft marking is impossible to remove *, unlike other identification procedures. The device is resistant to abrasion, chemicals and all other forms of vandalism. In the event of an attempted destruction, the information contained in the security insert remains legible and effective.


* Impossible to tear off the marking without leaving obvious traces of tampering and without seriously damaging the equipment.


3. Use of UV technology


When applying the marking, the installer will use a chemical solution visible under UV. Police services frequently use UV lamps. They make it possible to clearly detect the traces of this chemical agent on a stolen bicycle.

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Anti-theft engraving Recobike

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