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» » Fazua Evation "Black Pepper" update April 2020

Fazua Evation "Black Pepper" update April 2020

Fazua Evation
Exclusive information and firmware update Fazua Evation


The FAZUA Evation system is the founding father of the eMTB Light concept.


The "Black Pepper", a new software update allows you to fundamentally change the characteristics and handling of the engine.

The FAZUA Evation system is a slim drive unit, which combines the motor and the battery into a single solid unit, which can be fully and easily removed from the frame. This means that all bikes with a FAZUA engine can be used without the engine, without resistance to pedaling and with minimum additional weight.


That said, the FAZUA's natural driving feel has always been at the expense of its power.

Despite a torque of 55 Nm, which is only 5 Nm less than other engines like the Shimano STEPS E7000, there has always been a noticeable difference in power. Not only on steep ramps but also on flat tracks, the FAZUA has struggled to keep up with its more powerful and heavier competitors from Bosch or Shimano, for example.


Pedaling cadence

The engine usage range is also greatly improved thanks to the update; Whenever you pedal at low speed or above 90 rpm, you may experience a sharp and abrupt power loss. The update has radically changed all that! Cadence provides engine support from 50 to 120 rpm


First FAZUA engine test with firmware 2.0
The development team took the criticism into account and fixed all the flaws: "With the new update, we have improved output power, cadence range and loud background noise."


FAZUA now offers an update and backward compatible firmware 2.0.

This fundamentally changes the characteristics of the engine, which is now significantly quieter, more efficient and thus allows a wider range. At the same time, overall power has improved, which means that the Evation can now follow Shimano and Bosch engines in Rocket Mode, both on flat tracks and in moderate climbs. In steeper climbs, it still struggles to match the power of its competitors, but it becomes much faster than before the update and remains much lighter ...


With the new firmware, the FAZUA engine plays in a different category!

The three support modes also offer more differentiated levels of support.

While the RiverMode2 is progressive and provides a very natural ride, the weaker BreezeMode1 is intended to be as economical as possible with the battery. However, this also means that the latter is still too weak for prolonged trail use.

In the RocketMode3 due to the increase in power, the transition is now more noticeable but still very smooth. On the other hand, the freewheel is less smooth, it is more audible when rolling and clicks a little louder each time it engages.

The drop in engine power at higher pedaling rates has also been corrected with the update. Of course, the update leaves the engine hardware intact, which means that the FAZUA can still pedal above the 25 km / h assistance limit without any resistance.


Finally individual engine configurations
Even before the update, bicycle manufacturers could adapt the features of the FAZUA Evation to their bikes and individually "adjust" the maximum support level, support factor and engine responsiveness. With these small but efficient tweeks, the Evation will offer a completely different riding experience on an eRoad bike than on a real eMTB.

With the firmware update, you are now the boss and can adjust the MAXIMUM POWER, the SUPPORT FACTOR and the RAMP-UP of the engine via the FAZUA-Toolbox. For the three parameters, FAZUA has a preconfigured model, which allows you to choose between Eco, Moderate and Performance. And if you want to fine-tune the Evation according to your personal preferences, the "Advanced parameters" allow you to configure the three parameters of the three levels of support modes (Breeze, River and RocketMode) individually.


But how do these parameters translate on the track?

MAX POWER is the maximum power and torque that the engine can provide. 100% means that the engine uses its maximum torque of 55 Nm, while at 33% (for example in the Eco level), the engine provides only a third of its maximum power.

For the moment, the FAZUA Evation can only be configured from a computer using the FAZUA Toolbox. However, the Bavarian start-up is working tirelessly on a dedicated application, which allows you to customize the characteristics of the engine from your smartphone. It means