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» » » Rocky Mountain Powerplay engine Dyname 3
Rocky Mountain Powerplay engine Dyname 3
Rocky Mountain Powerplay engine Dyname 3

The Rocky Mountain Powerplays motor displays 250W and is designed for a pedaling rate ranging from 65 to 80 rpm and a power of 770W at peak. Its torque is 108Nm checked with use, it's enormous.


This weight-to-power ratio still makes it the most powerful electric bike on the market in 2020, and has done so for 3 years. A big power certainly but tame thanks to a unique design with mechanical torque sensor which gives it a progressive and exceptional softness very useful in crossing.


Warranty: All Powerplay bikes come with a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Since 2020 Rocky Mountain has extended the warranty on their electrical components from 24 to 36 months, making it the longest coverage in the industry.

This change is retroactive and applies to all Powerplay models from their date of purchase, until today and into the future.

The battery is always guaranteed for two years. You can trust !!


The speed sensor is hidden at the rear brake disc. Just under the handlebars, there is a small box that offers a USB port.

Since February 2020, new IWok orders no longer have this small box and have become ANT + compatible.


From March 1 to June 2020, Rocky Mountain offers a free upgrade kit to all Powerplay owners since 2018: the new “mid drive” chain guide (upper chain guide) as well as the new iWok completely redesigned, simpler, elegant and waterproof will be available from the beginning of March at your Rocky Mountain dealer.


The battery offers since 2020 672Wh in all versions. It is made up of Samsung cells.

Rocky Mountain announces a reduced charging time compared to the competition thanks to its 48V battery and a quick charger delivered as standard and often optional with other brands. In two hours, 80% of the charge will be made.


Next generation drive system - The POWERPLAY drive system was designed from the ground up to deliver true mountain bike performance, while delivering the best torque in its class (108Nm), incredible battery capacity and operation whisper.


Intuitive assisted pedaling - Thanks to the linear torque sensor which gives an instantaneous and smooth power response, you benefit from an intuitive and natural ride. No familiarization required: embark and drive.

Charge quickly and get started - The 48 V battery can be recharged in no time thanks to its quick charger: it takes only two hours for the lithium-ion battery to reach 80% of its 672 Wh capacity.



POWERPLAY Drive System Features

  • High efficiency brushless three-phase motor provides the best torque in its class.
  • Instantaneous and natural power response offering intuitive driving thanks to a linear torque sensor.
  • Ultra-quiet operation.
  • High speed 48V battery with thermal management under high torque conditions.
  • To prevent squeaks and wear, the pedaling forces are isolated from the drive system thanks to the bottom bracket built into the frame rather than the motor.
  • Increased rigidity thanks to a structural motor housing.
  • Compact and discreet engine with reinforced housing and integrated tray guard on the engine mount.
  • Screenless design with discreet remote control for an authentic driving experience.
  • Remote control mounted on the handlebar displaying the level of assistance, the battery status and a diagnostic tool and controlling the three levels of assistance and the operating mode.
  • Optional mobile application eBikeMotion (iOS and Android) with Bluetooth connection offering all kinds of personalization options, range estimation, tracking and more.
  • Incredible optional 632 Wh lithium-ion battery.
  • Minimum resistance to exceeding the engine speed or to disengaging the system by means of the pedal release stop and the elimination of the gearbox typical of electric bicycles.
  • Third generation electric drive system in development since 2010.
  • Support for retailers (service and parts) in Europe.
  • Parts exposed to wear (bottom bracket, drive sprocket) can be serviced in the shop with common tools.
  • Compatible with the standard Race Face crankset and bottom bracket.
  • Charge quickly and power up: fast charging for 1 hour 40 minutes (80%) for the 500 Wh battery, or 2 hours (80%) for the 632 Wh battery.


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